Monday, February 20, 2012

New Sponsor: Kerrie Meacham

I would like to introduce you to Doodles and Doilies' newest sponsor...Kerrie Meacham. Kerrie is a young talented music artist. If you haven't heard of her yet you must check out her website. At 19 she already has 3 albums: Something to Heavy, A Fair Fall, and EP. To listen to clips of her songs go here.

If you are interested in purchasing some or all of Kerrie's music you can go here. All of her songs are $0.99 or you can buy Something to Heavy and EP for only $5.00 and A Fair Fall for $6.93.

Hey everyone.

First of all, if you're reading this, thank you. It means the world. Most biographies are in third person and contain fancy details of every accomplishment or hardship that makes a person who they are. I'm going to write this casually in first person and do my best to simply explain who I am and what my music is.

I don't have any special awards or even a record label to make me stand out. I'm a nineteen-year old-dreamer, still growing up in Idaho. I'm sure everyone has hit a point in life where there's a million different roads to take, and you're just not sure which one is for you. Or maybe you're just stuck on a straight path...and options are nowhere to be seen. I kind of feel like I'm in the middle of both...and here is what brought me here.

I grew up falling in love with music. Lyrics and poetry were the only ways I knew how to speak. When I was eleven years old I wrote my first song. Just lyrics and instrument. The only instrument I'd ever come close to was a piano, which the lessons only lasted a few years in. So from eleven to fifteen, one by one, I created a binder full of lyrics and several tapes of audio. Still to this day, it blows my mind how I could remember every melody to those songs. But somehow, they're still stuck in there. :) My most important goal was to make a CD. It was all I could ever imagine wanting. After calling several recording studios in the area, however, the discovery that nobody would make music for me kept me in a hole. So one day I hopped on the living room piano and forced myself to write something to one of my songs. I never imagined it was possible, but I did it. After that one song, it was done. I had a new way of writing. A new binder came to be, with songs that actually had music. My junior year, I asked my choir teacher, the amazing Jack Brown, if he would let me use his home studio to record. Spring break hit, and a week later I had my first CD in my hands. Nothing professional, but a definite dream come true. I titled it, Remember Love, after my favorite song on the album.

To read more about Kerrie's go here.

We would love to know what your favorite song is!

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