Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clothing: spend or save

This is another article for my Building Zion workshop.

"Clothing- Save or Spend? - summarized from
You always want to be careful with how much you spend on clothing, but when you have some money to go shopping, it's important to think about what items may be worth investing in a higher quality than others. Better fit and craftsmanship and higher-quality materials cost a bit more, but you'll save in the long run, as you won't be spending twice as much buying new, cheaper clothes every year.
  • T-shirt - SAVE. Because they're worn close to your body and are washed more often, t-shirts don't get a very long life. Look for shirts that fit you well and that don't look too flimsy or clingy.
  • Jeans - SPEND. You can almost wear jeans any time, anywhere. It's a good idea to splurge on one or two good pairs of premium denim-it has a nice dark wash and with a good amount a stretch will fit better and be more comfortable than a cheaper pair.
  • Bra - SPEND. Bras can affect the look and comfort of your outfit more than any other item. Spend the time and money to make sure you have a good bra that fits you wonderfully.
  • Black pants - SPEND. Black pants are timeless, and a high-quality pair can last years, while a cheaper pair will start to show wear and tear much sooner.
  • Jacket - SPEND. One very good jacket makes a great throw-on to upgrade a basic outfit.
  • Trendy Items - SAVE. This includes anything with patterns or seasonal colors. Patterns and colors go in and out of style, and there's no reason to invest in clothing that will feel out-dated in a year.
  • Dress - Spend. Not a casual sundress, but a nice, basic go-to dress for any occasion. It's nice to have one light-colored and one dark, like black, deep brown or jewel-toned.
  • Evening dress - SAVE. Don't pay full price. you won't get much wear out of it.
  • Evening bag - SAVE. For something that will be seldom used, it's not worth splurging, even for a special night.
  • Raincoat - SAVE. Something utilitarian, basic and soundly-priced will be wonderful. Although it may be worth the money to go for a nice water-proof trench coat if your' living in a rainy climate. You'll look nice and it will never go out of fashion.
  • Winter coat - SPEND. Find a good fit made from high-quality fabric that will with stand heavy wear and won't wrinkle. To test for wrinkles, grab a handful of fabric and squeeze hard for 20 sec. If it stays crumpled, that's an indicator of what is to come."

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