Wednesday, April 15, 2015

All About Me: My Name

Here are some ways that tots and preschoolers can learn to recognize their name, the letters in their name, trace their name, copy their name and write their name.

All About Me
Subcategory: My name
Color: green & blue (my children's favorite colors)
Shape: circle
Number:  6 (the amount of letters in their first name)
Letter: Cc & Ll (what their first names start with)
Opposite words:  first/last

1. Name collage: Write name(s) in big letters on a piece of paper.  Have children glue small circles (weekly shape) on top of the letters.
2. Letter collage: magazines, scissors, glue, paper.  Help child(ren) cut out pictures that start with the first letter in their name. Glue the pictures to the paper.
3. Watercolor name: With a white crayon write child's name on paper.  Have them paint on the paper with watercolor paint and watch their name magically appear!
4. Make Valentines for friends.  Encourage or assist child to write their name on each Valentine.
5. 3D Name: Write name on paper. Have child(ren) glue dry beans, corn, pom poms, googly eyes, cereal, etc. on top of the letters.


Cooking: green & blue jello

Dramatic Play: 
1. School
2. Post office: write letters to family and friends (don't forget to write who it's from)

Fine motor:  
1. Trace name: write name on strip of paper.  Have child place paper on their magnetic drawing board and use the magnetic pencil to trace name.  Take paper off to see their name on the magnetic board.
2. Sticker name: Write name on paper in big letters.  Have child(ren) put stickers on top of their name.
3. Tactile name: Write child's name in Elmer's glue (thick) onto paper.  After it is dry have child place another paper on top of the glue name and rub a crayon on the top paper.  Watch their name magically appear!
4. Rainbow Name: Write name on paper.  Have child(ren) trace name with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Gross motor:  
1. Letter hop: Using chalk write letters in the driveway. Have child jump from letter to letter.
2. Form letters using your body

1. Tracing: Fill zip-loc bag with hair gel and tape shut. Place paper with name under bag.  Have child trace with their finger on top of the bag to write their name.
2. Block name: provide letter blocks for your child to spell out their name

Math: Letter count: count how many letters are in their name 

Music:  "Willoughby walliby" by Raffi :
Willoughby walliby wee
An elephant sat on me
Willoughby walliby woo
An elephant sat on you
Willoughbly Walliby Wusten
An elephant sat on Justin
Willoughby Walliby Wangya
An elephant sat on Tanya
Willoughby Walliby Wenny
An elephant sat on Jenny
Willoughby Walliby Woal
An elephant sat on Joel
Willoughby Walliby Wong
I hope that you sing along
Willoughby Walliby Week
A singa linga longa with me!
A ratatatatat A neenaanananana
A doodaleedoodadoo
A badabadabadada!
Willoughby Walliby Wonny
An elephant sat on Bonny
Willoughby Walliby Warton
An elephant sat on Martin
Willoughby Walliby Woosen
An elephant sat on Susan
Willoughby Walliby Wennis
An elephant sat on Dennis
Willoughby Walliby Wen
An elephant sat on Ken
Willoughby Walliby Waffi
An elephant sat on Raffi
Willoughby Walliby Willoughby
Oooh, look at that elephant sitten there
Willoughby Walliby Willoughby aWallilalalalalala
*Lyrics found here

Outside time: 
1. Sand name: write/trace name in sandbox with finger or stick
2. Write/trace name with chalk 
3. Draw things that start with the letter in their name using chalk
4. Squirt letters: Write letters with chalk.  Have child(ren) find and squirt the letter with a squirt gun.


1. Play-dough name: add letter stamps to play-dough time. Stamp name in play-dough
2. Letter hunt: put foam letters, magnet letters, or block letters, etc. into sensory bin with rice, corn, or beans, etc.
3. Play-dough with letter cookie cutters
4. Make letters with play-dough "snakes"

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