Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cake Inspiration

My husband came up with the idea that we should celebrate him NEVER going back to school again this "back to school" season. Basically, the start of school will be meaningless to us for the next couple years until our son starts school. So, when I ran into Andrea at My Cake Corner and saw her neat apple cake and I felt inspired to make my own; so we could have a fun celebration!

What do you think? Pretty inspiring?

I made my cake completely from scratch. I didn't get my hopes to high (so I wouldn't be crushed when it didn't turn out). It was fun to make; even thought it took me all day.

It doesn't quite look like an apple. So it is a ice cream scoop! At least it is round! And it tasted so good!

Andrea makes the cutest cakes! She is so creative. I hope you all have a chance to visit Andrea at My Cake Corner and become inspired yourself!

Just look at these cakes! Aren't they amazing!!!


  1. Erica, thanks so much, that is really sweet! :) What a fun spin on 'back to school' celebration! I like your cake, that's cute about the scoop of ice cream. Glad you had fun making it, and thanks again!

  2. I love that cake! I think I'll have to remember that for when Monkey starts school (in a few years from now).

  3. looks yummy! and an ice cream scoop is perfect!


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