Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Handmade washcloth

Today we will be crocheting a washcloth!
My brother-in-law made me one for Christmas one year and it has been my favorite washcloth.

You will need:
crochet hook

1. First make a slip knot around your hook.
2. You will start crocheting by pulling the yarn through the loop on your hook.

3. Chain 25-30
4. Wrap the yarn around your hook.
5. Count over three stitches and (for this row only) put your hook into the 4th stitch.
6. Wrap your yarn around the hook again.
7. Pull it through two loops on your hook.
8. Wrap another strand of yarn around your hook.
9. And pull it through the last two remaining loops on your hook.
10. Continue this until you have reached the end of your chain.
11. Crochet three
12. Wrap your yarn around your hook...count three (the ones you just chained), skip one stitch and place you hook into the second stitch (putting two loops onto the hook).

Repeat steps 5-12
Crochet about 13 rows or until you have square shape.
All most done!
Cut the yarn and pull it through like you were still crocheting. Pull it tight.
Cut off the extra yarn or weave it into your washcloth.
Here is the new washcloth and the one that my brother-in-law made me. You can see how it gets tighter after you wash it.
If you have any questions on my directions, email me at

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