Thursday, April 28, 2011

LOVE letter blocks

I am posting this tonight because my husband is taking the computer to work with him in the morning. Cross your fingers and toes that he will be able to restore all of my precious photos!

Today we will be making letter blocks.

You will need:
paint (two colors or more)
letter stencil
Mod Podge

First cut your blocks to the size you want.
Paint your main color on all sides (you don't have to do the bottom)

I printed out a font I liked from the computer, but if you have vinyl cutter that would be great too! Paint your letters on in the second color. You can have a second word/saying on the back.
Coat with Mod Podge.
Decorate! Mine are in the kitchen above the cabinets!
I love letter blocks because they can be made for tons of different things.
Holiday words: joy, noel, Santa, Christ, peace, candy, Easter, eggs, bunny, love, valentine, heart, ghost, goblin, witch, trick or treat, give thanks, etc.
Seasonal words: Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer, splash, flower, leaves, snow, flakes, ice, popsicle, etc.
Family words: child(s) name, love, hope, live, laugh, friends, family, faith, etc.

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