Monday, April 11, 2011

Thumbprint Easter baskets

Today we are putting our children to work. You can make this for your fridge, scrapbook, a gift for grandpa & grandma or other family/friends. It is super fun & a great way to document your children.

You will need:
paint with soap: I used the primary colors
brown & white paper
cup with water
paint plate
rag with soap
brown & black markers
First, put your paint onto your plate; mix in some dish soap. This helps the paint come off of your children & their clothes a little easier.
If using the primary colors: mix them for more colors.
Have your child(ren) dip their thumb into the paint. For younger children paint their thumb. Press thumb on the edge of your white paper. Wash thumb and repeat with a new color.
Cut out brown basket & a white back drop.
Paint grass onto your white back drop...use different shades of green.
Glue white back drop onto the brown basket.
Cut out your "Easter eggs" and glue them on top of your grass (tucking the bottom of the paper behind your basket).
To cover up the white the surround the eggs paint some more green grass.
With brown marker add some texture.
Add a little saying.

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