Monday, April 11, 2011

Date night jar

"It's your turn to choose the date this week." We have all heard it & perhaps we are all left with no ideas. I came up with this date night jar to help me out when it's my turn for date night. I decorated an old spaghetti jar with some scrapbook paper & added some cheap/free date night ideas.
To help you get started here are some of the date night ideas that are in our jar:

Thrift store dress up: buy cheap outfits for each other (funny or casual)
Make a nature scavenger hunt & start hunting
Go somewhere with a nice view & paint/draw the scenery
Make a When We Are Rich list: what do you want now & then but can't afford yet
Design what your future house will look like (make a floor plan)
Have a competition to design a protective package for an raw egg...let it drop!

What are some of your date night ideas? Let us know so we can continue adding to our date night jars!

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