Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter bunny footprints!

Easter is almost here! Can you feel the excitement?!

I want to share with you a fun Easter tradition. When my siblings and I woke up on Easter morning the first thing we did was run to the front door. We would open the door and find...
...that the Easter bunny CAME! He always left his footprints on our front porch.

I made the footprints on my table (because the Easter bunny hasn't come yet).

To get started you will need: a paper, pen, scissors & flour
Draw your foot.
Cut it out.
Sprinkle your flour on top. Pick up the paper carefully. Discard the flour. Flip your paper over to do the other foot & repeat.
I did two different feet to show you some different options. Lots of flour for a solid foot or light flour for a dusted look. Pick your favorite! Clean around the feet
And you are finished.
I hope the Easter bunny stops by your home this Easter!

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