Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Easter egg hunts

Here are some ideas for Easter egg hunts I found online.
Try out the ones you like; then report back and let us know what you liked/disliked about it!

1. Odd & Even hunt: assign each child odd or even. They can only take the eggs they find if it has their assignment. (Don't forget to write odd/even numbers on your eggs)

2. Color hunt: assign each child a color. They can only take the eggs they find if it is their assigned color. (you can assign two different colors to a child; more than one child can have the same color)

3. Notes: spice you the egg hunt by putting notes into some or all of the plastic eggs. Notes can be "kiss mommy", "give one of your eggs to brother", "help baby sister find one egg", "run around the house one time before finding any more eggs", "hug daddy", "take one of cousins eggs", etc. I think this one should be approved by all of the children because if you just have a child coming up to another child demanding an egg it could get ugly. But if everyone knows what some of the notes are it could solve the problem. Tell us what you think!

4. Golden egg: this egg could hold a special treat (different from all of the other eggs). Such as money, toys, stickers, etc.

5. Checklist: give each child a checklist; this way no one gets more/less eggs than there friends.
_____2 blue eggs
_____1 pink egg
_____4 orange eggs
_____1 purple egg
_____3 green eggs
_____1 golden egg

6. Jellybean hunt: in one or more rooms of your home hide some jellybeans. My husband loves this one.

7. Nighttime hunt: hand out flashlights and let the hunt begin (this can be played inside with the lights out or outside).

8. Parent's turn: have the children hide a few eggs for the parents to find. And if you are wanting a certain treat, now is the time to let them fill your eggs as well.

9. Name hunt: find the eggs with their name or letters of their name.

10. Teams: pair up in twos or in groups. Help each other find eggs. This is nice when you have younger and older children in the hunt together.

Do you have other ideas? Send us a message and let us know!

Enjoy your weekend!

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