Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Egg Scripture Story

I love this fun way of making sure Christ is included into our Easter activities. After all He is why we celebrate Easter!

You will need 12 plastic eggs (I got a package of 18 at the dollar store); number them 1-12. Here are the items and scripture references you will place in the numbered eggs:

#1 sacrament cup; Matt. 26: 17-30
#2 three dimes; Matt. 26: 14-15
#3 small rope or twine; Matt. 27: 1-2
#4 soap chip; Matt. 27: 24-26
#5 thorns; Matt. 27:28-30
#6 small nail(s); Matt. 27: 50-54
#7 dice; Matt. 27: 35-36
#8 gravel; Matt. 27: 50-54
#9 white material; Matt. 27: 57-61
#10 rock or stone; Matt. 27: 60
#11 spices (bay leaf or clove); Matt. 28: 2-5
#12 leave empty; Matt. 28: 5-8

You can display them however you like. Some ideas are in a basket or egg carton. You can also present the Easter story over twelve days (opening #12 on Easter day) or you can open them all on Easter. This is a visual way for all, especially children, to review the Easter story.

FYI: I used tissue paper in the bottom of my basket because plastic Easter grass can be a chocking hazard for children.

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