Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter scavenger hunt

In my family and my husbands, one of our Easter traditions was participating in a scavenger hunt to find our Easter baskets on Easter morning. My husbands family did the scavenger hunt together. In my family each child had their own scavenger hunt; clues were easy to difficult depending on your age.

A few places that baskets were found in my house were the bathtub, behind the couch, in the dryer, the oven, and dishwasher. My husband's family (as far as I know) always found their baskets in their parents bedroom closet. Some other places to hide baskets could be outside (depending on the weather), pantry, under the bed, under a desk, the linen closet, a large doll house, etc.

I am not very good at coming up with clues like my mom is, but I found this great website where you can buy the clues. And if you are like don't have the money to buy them. But I think it will be very helpful in making your own clues. You have to check it out here!

Now there are a few ways that you can hide the clues. My family just had slips of paper. You can get a little more creative with writing the clues onto egg shaped (or bunny shaped) pieces of paper (decorated is even better). You can hide the clues in plastic eggs. If your clues are short you can right them on hard boiled eggs (room temperature) with permeant marker. With each clue you can have a little treat for each of your participants like a jelly bean or a Peep.

If you don't have children but have a special someone this can be great date idea. Spend time writing the clues and hiding them. Then take turns finding your basket.

Be sure to have your camera ready, because you don't want to miss any great moments.

Happy Friday! Be sure to check out Doodles and Doilies next week for more exciting ideas to make life fun!

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