Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nursery Rhymes: Three Little Kittens

This theme was a blast.  My children love cats...a lot.  So this was a super fun day for everyone.  As always if you have activities or ideas to add to the Three Little Kitten Nursery Rhyme theme please leave me a comment and I will add it; so we can all benefit.

Nursery Rhymes
Subcategory: Three Little Kittens
Color: grey
Shape: heart
Number:  3
Letter: Kk
Opposite words:  sad/happy
Texture:  furry

1. Mitten: have a pre-cut construction paper mitten; have child(ren) cut yarn and glue it onto the mitten
2. Laundry line: glue Popsicle sticks and yarn onto construction paper to make clothes line, glue on 3 pairs of mittens

Books:  The Mitten by Jan Brett, Three Little Kittens books, Nursery Rhyme books, Kitten books, Cat books, books on how yarn is made

Cooking: bake a pie

Dramatic Play: 
1. Cat and Kittens
2. Pet Store
3. House = laundry
4. Bakery

Fine motor:  Lace mittens: cut out two mittens and punch holes in them to make matching lacing cards. Have child(ren) lace the two mittens together to make one wearable paper mitten.

Gross motor:  Animal movement: move around like different animals.  Crawl like a crab, bounce like a kangaroo, fly like a humming bird, hop like a frog, pounce like a cat, run like a dog, stand on one leg like a flamingo, stalk like a tiger, slither like a snake, etc.

Language:  Mitten ABC match: Cut out 52 small construction paper mittens . Write a capital letter and a lower case letter on each mitten.  Have your child(ren) match the capital and lower case letters that go together.

1. Color mitten match file folder *print out a file folder here
2. Perfect pie file folder * print out a file folder here
3. Mitten number match: cut out 20 small construction paper mittens. Write the numbers 1-10 on 10 mittens and put corresponding dots on the other 10 mittens.  Have child(ren) match the correct number to the correct amount of dots.

Music: Yarn streamers: make 1 1/2 foot yarn streams by tying a group of 6-12 strands of yarn together.  Dance around to music with streamers.

Outside time: 
1. Snow: play outside in the snow. Build a snowcat (SEASONAL)
2. Mitten scavenger hunt: hide mittens outside; have children find mittens.
3. Pet store: visit a pet store (FIELD TRIP) How many cats? What color are the cats? How many cats are asleep? How many cats are awake? How many cats are playing with toys? How many cats are eating? 


1. Inside snow: put snow in the sensory bin. Play in the snow without mittens and with mittens.  When are your hands colder? (SEASONAL)
2. Clothesline: Make a clothes line with yarn and chairs.  Fill sensory buckets with warm soapy water.  Give children mittens to wash and hang (with clothes pins) on the clothesline.

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