Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tot-school & Preschool Themes

      Recently, my sister-in-law asked me for some of my lesson plans so she could have ideas of things to do with her children. I thought I would share them with you.
      With three children at home, 4 and under, I like to have educational activities at hand that we can do.     Otherwise, I find myself turning on Netflix or handing the kindle over. These options aren't bad but my family really needs to cut down on the screen time. As one of my 2015 goals I have put together weekly lesson plans. These lesson plans are more of a guideline for me to follow.  The themes are based on season appropriateness and family interests.  Please know that I am not a perfect mother or teacher. There are days we don't get around to having "school". I hope that these lesson themes, activities and ideas are useful for you. I also hope they help you get your creative juices flowing, because you are the one who knows your child(ren) best and how to help them learn and grow.

2015 Tot-school & Preschool Weekly Themes
*As I plan and do activities I will add links to this post; click on a theme to find the lesson plan and activity ideas*

JANUARY 26-30: Nursery Rhymes (Humpty Dumpty) (Three Little Kittens) (Mary Had a Little Lamb)

FEBRUARY 2-6: All about me (My name) (How I look) (My favorites)
9-13: Feelings  **Valentine's Day
16-20: Family and babies
23-27: Body

MARCH 2-6: 5 senses
9-13: Community Helpers
23-27: Transportation
30-3: Construction and tools

APRIL 6-10: Spring  **Easter
13-17: Space
20-24: Weather
27-1: Geology

MAY 4-8: Botany
11-15: Farm animals
18-22: Pets
25-29: Mammals

JUNE 1-5: Crustaceans
8-12: Insects
15-19: Zoo animals
22-26: Summer
29-3: Bikes

JULY 6-10: Fire and safety
13-17: Camping and safety
20-14: Climbing and safety
27-31: Fish

AUGUST 3-7: Ocean
10-14: Ice Cream
17-21: Bubbles and shadows
24-28: Watermelon
31-4: School

14-18: Music
21-25: Sports and balls
28-2: Fall

OCTOBER 5-9: Spiders
12-26: Bones
19-23: Pumpkins
26-30: Halloween

NOVEMBER 2-6: Hygiene
9-13: Eating healthy
16-20: Manners
23-27: Thanksgiving
30-4: Shepherds

 DECEMBER 7-11: Wisemen and angels
14-18: Mary and Joseph
21-25: Jesus  **Christmas
28-1: Winter

Need help getting started? Click to see how to put together your weekly lesson plan

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