Friday, June 1, 2012

Enemy's Kept by Skyward Down

Any Twilight Fans out there?  How about The Host?  Well, I am definately a fan of Stephenie Meyer's books.

Our Sponsor, Kerrie Meacham, and JD from Skyward Down have released a new song!  This song, Enemy's Kept, was inspired by the novel "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer.  To watch their music video click this link.  Originally intended as a simple lyric video, this piece took on a life of its own as Kerrie and JD started to put the idea together. It was shot entirely with a simple flipcam by Kerrie and JD. They also handled all the production, editing and compositing from start to finish.

Help them draw attention to this song - they'd love nothing more than to see (hear) it as a part of the movie adaptation of the novel which is now in production!

Enemy's Kept is available as a single on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and other digital outlets.

Check out their music video.  Come back and tell us what you think, we would love to hear your thoughts.


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