Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kid's bathroom art decoration

I have been so excited the last couple of days to show you this.  As a congratulations for our new home our amazing realtor gave us a gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  So we got some new bath towels and a fun shower curtain for the kids bathroom.

Super cute!
I wanted to add some wall decor to the bathroom to give it a fun touch.  So I painted a duck to match one of the ducks from the shower curtain.  I went to Walmart to find a frame for my cute little duck, but decided to wait on buying one. When I got home I had a brillant idea...a puzzle frame!  The pieces from the puzzle I got a Desert Industries a while back (for $1) would be perfect for this project!

During nap time I made a wide puzzle piece picture frame.  Go here to see my tutorial on how to make a puzzle piece picture frame.
I am so excited on how it turned out!  I can't wait to add more decorations to the bathroom.

Tell me what you think, I love hearing from my readers.

Some other ways you can save money for you bathroom is buying a shower curtain at the Dollar Store. 


  1. OMGosh!! That is soooo adorable. What a cute idea. Love it!!!

  2. It turned out've got skills! :)


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