Friday, May 20, 2011

Crochet: pot holder

Today's topic is brought to you from one of our followers; who suggested that I post a tutorial on how to make a pot holder. So, today we will be making a double thick crocheted pot holder.

You will need:
crochet hook
sewing needle

Chain 30 or more depending on how big you want your pot holder.
You will start crocheting in your 3rd stitch (marked by the needle).
Enter the 3rd stitch and pull your yarn through.
Then pull the yarn through the two loops on your hook.
Repeat for the entire chain.
Here is what it will look like when you have reached the end of the chain.
Chain 2 more times in your last stitch.
Don't turn. You will continue crocheting on what was the bottom side of your first chain.
The needle shows you where your stitches will go.
Stitch 1 more time in your last stitch.
Continue to crochet around and around your piece.
The ends will start to turn in.
You are almost done!

Cut your yarn about twice the length of your seam.
This picture shows what loops to go into with your sewing needle...two on the right flap, one in the middle that doesn't show on the front side and one one the left flap.
Sew all the way across.
Here is the top side.
Tie off your yarn. You can cut it or weave the tail into your pot holder.
Here is the bottom side.


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