Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make-up basics

This is yet some more wonderful advice from my Building Zion Relief Society activity.

"MAKE-UP BASICS - The Streamlined Makeup Kit- summarized from
Streamline your overstuffed makeup bag & stick to these basics. A few brushes will help. But in some cases a cotton swab (or a finger) will do.
*Mascara - No matter your hair color, use black mascara. It will define your eyes and make you appear awake.
* Foundation - A full face of foundation can feel heavy, so touch up only those areas where your skin tone is uneven.
*Concealer - Choose a concealer that give medium to full coverage in a shade that's close to your skin tone.
* Blush - To choose the right color for a subtle look, find a shade that's similar to the inside of your lip.
* Eye Shadow - A neutral shade acts as a base and will instantly brighten eyes. Use one with a bit of sparkle for more festive look.
* Lipstick - Try a moisture-rick formula so your lips don't dry out. (The inner-lip trick for choosing blush works for lipstick shades, too.)"

Here is a website I found on how to apply eyeshadow & picking colors.

What are your make-up tips? Share with us!

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