Monday, May 23, 2011

Guest blogger: Paper flower tutorial

I am excited to introduce our guest blogger today.
Kristine is my youngest sister. She is super energetic, fun & spontaneous. She is in love with anything that has a zebra pattern!

Hi, everyone at Doodles & Doilies, today I will be showing you an easy way to make paper flowers.

Items needed:
Construction paper*double sided, plain, decorative, etc...
Hot glue gun

The steps are simple:
First, taken any colorful piece of construction paper (preferably) double sided and cut it so it's 4x4.
Next, take a pencil and draw a swirly circle inside the square until you've reached the middle. Make sure you leave enough some space for the base, because the base is the middle in the base of your rose.
Then, cut out the swirl. And make sure you round the very beginning tip. *Shown in the next two pictures.
Now, roll up the swirly thing to make your rose outline. Keep the inside line somewhat at the same line, it will make glueing easier and your rose will turn out better.
Once you have rolled the entire swirl, you then take the base/center and roll it under the rose. Then press your palm on top of the rose against a solid flat surface *this just helps the swirl stay in place.
Last, take your hot glue gun and glue the bottom of the swirl to the base/center.

Thank you show much Kristine for sharing your talent with us. You were right this looks super easy to make! Don't forget to send us pictures of how you use your paper flowers to decorate you home, cards, scrapbook pages, etc.

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