Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Framed picture board tutorial

My mom and I made this picture board while we visited my family. We had lots of fun and I think it turned out really well!

So, today we will be making a framed picture board so you can show off your favorite pictures!

You will need:
picture frame
batting (crib size)
coordinating fabric (amount depends on your frame), ribbon & beads
hot glue gun and glue
sewing needles
clear thread

First, you will need to lay out your fabric (the design of your fabric face down) and batting
Place the mat from the picture frame on top of your batting and fabric.
Cut around the matting.
Hot glue the edge of your fabric down to the mat. Make sure that some of the batting is pinched between the mat and fabric.
Trim your fabric.
Here is the front so far:
Now we will be adding ribbon.
Hot glue the beginning of your ribbon to one of the corners.
Stretch it across diagonally to the opposite corner.
Cut your ribbon.
Repeat on your other two corners.
For the center lines:
Glue your ribbon down on the center of on of your sides.
Stretch the ribbon to the next side.
Fold ribbon to angle it towards your next side.
Repeat until all of the sides have been done in a counter-clock wise pattern.

Here is what it should look like:
Now you need your needle(s) and clear thread.
Bunch your ribbon together by tying it with the clear thread.
Add your beads.
This is how ours turned out.

Place the finished picture board into your frame.
Hang on your wall.
Add your favorite pictures.

Tell me what you think! And don't forget to send Doodles & Doilies pictures of your projects so we can show off your creativity. Email me at doodlesanddoilies (at) gmail (dot) com.

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