Friday, June 24, 2011


Stock your art cupboard with:
acorns, ads from the store, aluminum foil, art smocks (old t-shirts work great), pie plates (different sizes), beads (different size, shape and color), bottle caps, boxes (different sizes), brown paper bags, butcher paper, buttons, candles, cardboard, different colors of card stock paper, catalogs, cereal boxes (cracker boxes, noodle boxes, etc.), chalk, clear tape, clothespins, coffee cans with lids, coins, colored pencils, confetti, a variety of colored construction paper, corks, cotton balls, cotton batting, cotton swabs (regular & infant kind), craft sticks, crayons (different sizes for different ages), crepe paper, curling ribbon, duct tape, dried beans, dried pasta (different shapes, sizes, colors), egg cartons, cleaned egg shells, empty jars and lids, envelopes (different sizes), fabric scraps, felt, finger paint, sheets of foam, foam pieces/stickers, gel pens, used greeting cards, glitter, glue/glue sticks, googly eyes, hole punch/three hole punch, different color ink pads, junk mail, lids from plastic gallon jugs/gallon jugs, magazines, magnets (warning: a serious chocking hazard), marbles used for marble painting or stamps(different sizes), markers, masking tape, metal lids from frozen juice cans, newspapers, old clothes, old mittens/socks/mittens for puppets, old telephone books, old toothbrushes, paint, paint brushes, paint sample booklets, paper clips, paper fasteners, paper muffin cup liners, paper plates/cups/bowls, paper scraps, paper towel rolls (not toilet paper rolls...gross), permeant markers, photographs of friends and family, pine cones (different sizes), plastic bowls/lids/bottles, packing peanuts, pencil sharpener, pencils, pens, pipe cleaner, playing cards, popcorn, popsicle sticks, ribbon, uncooked rice, rocks (used for decorating or stamps), rubber bands (different sizes and colors), rulers, sand (used like glitter), sandpaper, child safe scissors (as well as a pair for you), self-adhesive paper, plastic sheet protectors, sponges, spray bottles, stapler, stamps, stencils, stickers, straws (different sizes, width, color), string, tempera paint, thread, thread spools, tissue paper, toothpicks, plastic trays (kind used in the cafeteria), wood scraps, wrapping paper scraps, water color paint, writing pads, yarn
(many of these ideas were taken from The Preschooler's Busy Book and others are my own)

I feel that it is important to provide children with creative materials and let them use their imagination to create! To preserve their creations: take pictures/post them on the refrigerator/frame them/scrapbook them/display them on a shelf.

Please remember that the items here are for all different ages. Please choose items that are age appropriate for your child and supervise art time to prevent chocking and other harmful accidents.

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