Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day banner

I hope you didn't think that I forgot Father's we will be making a quick and easy Father's Day banner. It will add a fun and festive touch to a Father's Day party or just to let Dad know you are thinking of him on his special day!
So lets get started!
You will need:
12x12 pieces of paper (plain or decorative)
White card stock
pop dots

I folded my 12x12 paper half and cut out two ties from each piece of paper.
I printed out some letters at Lettering should check them out they are amazing!
Then, I cut out my letter. I believe Lettering Delights can connect to your Cricut and Silhoutte.
Put pop dots on the back of your letters and place them on your ties.

I just learned this great idea from my mother-in-law...
Take a cream or white or whatever color paper you want to make a shirt. I used a two cream colored 12x12 pieces of paper. Fold your paper in half. Mark every 5 inches. Cut. You should have a card (two for each sheet of paper).
On the crease of the card mark 1 1/2 inches from both ends. This will be your folding line for the collar. Now mark one inch down on from the crease on both sides. Cut on this line 3/4 of the way towards your 1 1/2 inch mark.
Fold the flap inwards creating a collar.
Cut out 4 smaller ties to go on the shirts. Glue the "knot" of the tie down.
Glue the collar down.
This is my husbands first father's day. So I put our sons foot prints in one card, traced his hand prints in two cards and let him color in the fourth card.
Put your banner together with the brads.
Hang it up on the wall!

You can do lots of different banners as well. I chose an outdoor banner because my husband likes the outdoors. You can chose a theme for your banner based on what your husband/dad loves to do. Some examples are:


You can make your ties with paper that matches your theme or don't do ties at shapes that match your theme. Some shape examples would be:

Golf: golf ball, golf cart, golf pants, hat, clubs, etc.
Fishing: pole, lures, tackle box, bait, fish, etc.
Hunting: rifle, targets, animals (bird, deer, elk, moose), etc.

Have fun and be creative!!!
Send a picture of your finished banner to doodlesanddoilies(at)gmail(dot)com and I will post them to share with all of the other Doodles & Doilies readers!

Don't forget to make your wheel of affection for dad...go to my tutorial here.

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