Friday, June 10, 2011

Swim & Ocean

*Safety rules: when at the pool, when at the lake, when at the beach. Always with an adult, sunscreen, life jacket, etc.

*Different ocean animals: starfish, crab, sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, swordfish, etc.

*Learn the different styles of swimming: backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, freestyle.

*Safety swimming positions

*Rescue: long pole, flotation ring, etc.

*Marco Polo: in the pool have one person close their eyes and try to find the other people by saying "Marco". The hidders reply "Polo".

*Sharks and Minnows: because others are better at describing things than be, go here to see the rules.

*Wash the car: you will need buckets of water, car wash soap, wash clothes, dry towels, and a hose.

*Run through the sprinklers.

*Slip and slide.

*Water flight: use pitchers, hose, squirt guns, etc.

*Body painting:

*Water baseball:

*Collect seashells when at the beach

*Paint seashells

*Seashell stamps: use seashells as stamps

*Sand picture frame: make your cardboard frame (like we did with the puzzle picture frame). With a paint brush spread a light coat of glue onto the front of the frame. Sprinkle the sand you collected from the beach onto the glue. Let it dry. Add seashells.

*Jewels of the sea: I found this cute tutorial at Family Circle.

*Jellyfish: in a quart size ziploc bag put a small amount of colored hair gel and some glitter (enough to coat the inside of the bag). Zip the bag mostly shut and blow air into the bag. Add crepe paper streamers to the zipper part of the bag.

Froggy Learns to Swim by Jonathan London

I found a lot of fun songs here.

*Candy sushi rolls: here.
*Homemade ice cream in a bag: here.
*Homemade popsicles: 50+ recipes here.

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