Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun & Cheap Halloween Wreath

Excited for my Dollar Store Halloween Decorations. My blog, Embracing Homemaking, is all about loving yourself and where you are. This includes being happy with my tiny Halloween decorating budget. Today I'm going to share my lovely $3 wreath.


Foam wreath $1
Black crepe paper streamer $1 (actually paired with one orange so 50 cents)
Orange ribbon $2
Spider with web $1
Super glue/6000 craft glue (on hand)

First I wrapped the black streamers around the wreath. Attach each end using super glue. Be sure to cover all of the wreath.

Next do the same with the orange ribbon, this time leaving space to view the black paper.

Next glue the spiderweb onto the wreath and hang.

Super glue in several places to secure and hang. Super easy! And even more awesome is that the spider in the middle glows in the dark.

Happy Halloween!

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