Friday, October 21, 2011

Glitter Glam Pumpkins

I am glad to be back here at Doodles and Doilies.

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Today I am going to show you how to make Glitter Glam Pumpkins

Funkins are carvable, fake pumpkins from the local craft store that generally come in Orange, Black, and off white.


1 large Funkin- white

1 small Funkin- any color as it will be covered by black paint

Martha Stewart Glossy Black Craft Paint

Martha Stewart White Pearl Craft Paint

Fine Black Glitter

Fine White Glitter

1 pack Black Glitter Spiders

Foam Brushes

Mod Podge

Hot Glue/ Elmers Glue

Take the large white funkin and brush on the Pearl craft paint. Once it is dry, paint Mod Podge on the top and partially down the sides at different levels. Move quickly, and pour the white glitter on the Mod Podge. Tap off the excess glitter, and set Funkin aside to dry completely.

Take the small funkin and cover with the black paint. Because my funkin was orange, I had to do 3-4 coats. Allow paint to dry in between each coat. Take he Elmer's Glue and pipe glue into the funkin crevices at varying levels. Work quickly and pour on the black glitter, covering the glue. Tap off excess glitter and set aside to dry completely.

While the funkins are both drying, plug in your glue gun. Once it is heated, take a spider and fill with glue on the bottom. Quickly place it on the funkin, and hold it there until the glue has had time to set up.

Place as many or as few spiders as you desire.

Once the glue has hardened, your Glitter Glam Pumpkins are ready to display.

If you use coupons at your local craft store, this craft will cost you approximately $15.

Enjoy your Spooky Decor.

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