Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin decoration

Good morning Doodles & Doilies readers I am excited to introduce to you our first Spooktacular guest blogger...please welcome Michele from Embracing Homemaking.

I am honored and excited about writing for Doodles and Doilies. Normally I have limited space to put holiday decorations. This year I am so excited because our new house has a mantle to decorate and a neighborhood that goes all out in the yard decorations. Because we just move in a few months ago I am working on a next to nothing budget. So, I raided my scrap lumber pile (which I acquired most of from Craigslist for free) and found the perfect little box shape. It measures 5 and a half inches across the front and back, 4 inches deep on the sides and 4 inches high. I had a whole string of step by step pictures on my camera. Guess what? Can't find the cable to load them on my computer. Sooooo, I'm going to show you the finished project and still tell you what I did.

I used the pre-cut block and an inch long stick I cut with my saw. The sides of the block were already sanded so I got busy painting. Orange acrylic paint for the pumpkin and green acrylic for the stem.

Let dry and determine if you need another coat of paint. I used basic foam brushes from the dollar store by the way.

Next I free handed the pumpkin face with a pencil. You could print out the face you want and then trace through the paper to leave an imprint on the wood.

Once you have the outline, use a small artist brush to paint the face in black. Let dry completely then find a home for your new guy. I had all of these pieces on hand so it didn't cost me anything. If you bought all of the items needed then you might spend $10. The great thing is that you can make the pumpkin any size you want.

Have fun crafting!

Thank you Michele for sharing with us this adorable pumpkin! Quick and easy!

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